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There are only two requirements for renting housing units listed by the Housing Office. First, you and your landlord must use the rental agreement (lease) approved by Ross University. Second, your landlord must notify the housing office that the unit has been rented.

If you are not in Dominica, the Housing Office can assist you in securing a unit. As the amount of housing available has increased, it has become most common for new students to 1) check the database and provide the Housing Office with a list of units they would like to inspect; 2) come to Dominica and stay one night in a hotel; and 3) take the housing tour the next morning.

Alternatively, the Housing Office will help you secure a housing unit before you come to Dominica. The Housing Office will help you discuss those terms of the rental agreement which are negotiable with the landlord. If you wish to secure a unit before coming to Dominica, you will usually be required to send a deposit before your arrival. You can usually make some arrangement with the landlord so that the unit can be marked unavailable in the database for some short period of time while your deposit is on its way to Dominica. Please remember that FedEx or UPS letters require about five days, and that airmail requires two weeks if it is not misrouted to the Dominican Republic. Your certified check for the amount of your deposit should be sent to:

Housing Office
Ross University
P.O. Box 266
Commonwealth of Dominica

E-mail the Housing Office

If you have significant problems with the Housing Office, or your prospective landlord, please e-mail the Housing office. An example of a significant problem would be a landlord who rents a house to another person after agreeing to rent it to you. Please do not use this e-mail address for ordinary communications with the Housing Office.


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