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The staff of the ITS department would like to welcome you to Ross University.  We offer you this document detailing instructions on campus computer access.

In this section of our web site we provide information on current IT Resources available to students.  These include:

1. Campus E-mail

2. Grades On-Line

3. Contact IT Department

4. On Line folders: Home Directories and G Drive.

5. Textbook lists for May 2003 semester: Semester 2 , Semester 3 , Semester 4

6. Academic Calendar

7: Exam Schedule.

Using the Campus Network

ITS has provided more than 60 computers for your use.  These systems are located in the Library and in the Anatomy Learning Resource Center. By way of these computers, students can use the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and gain Internet / e-mail access.o Log On:

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del – this key sequence will invoke the logon screen.

The Logon window has 3 fields that you need to take notice of..

1. User Name:

In this box, you will enter your User Name. Typically, this will be FirstName space LastName (i.e. John Doe). If your name is in excess of 20 characters, your User Name will be FirstInitail space LastName (i.e. C Whatalongname). User Name is also referred to as an ID or Logon Name.

2. Password:

Your default password is 123456 – you will be prompted to change the password at your first logon. The new password must be at least 6 characters long.

3. Domain:

This should be specified as ROSSDM_STUDENTS

After you have entered the appropriate information, press Enter. You are now logged on to the machine. Shortcuts for Internet Explorer, Word and several other programs are located on the Desktop. Also on the Desktop, you’ll find a shortcut to “My Students Resources”. Double click on this shortcut to access shared files (“My G Drive” and “My Group Folders”).

You will be able to store your personal material through “My Student Resources”. Under “My Home Directory”, you will find many subdirectories.  You’ll find a directory named with your User Name (remember from above) under the appropriate “My Logon Name Begins With..”. Save your files here.


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